Get ready... this epic event will inspire & amaze you!


Join us Sat/Sun March 11-12, 2017
09:00 - 5:30
at the Abbotsford International Airport

Again, we'll be making make world history as the largest single outreach event of its kind! Over 15,000 participants of all ages from many communities around BC, Washington and beyond are expected. Families welcome!

Our annual events in celebration of the week of International Women’s Day change lives. Females of all ages and their families gather from far and wide for a truly unique mission of discovery. Our events are fun, hands-on and completely free to ensure there are no barriers to participation. This is thanks to agency, industry and community partners.

One of the unique attractions at our events are the free flights for female first-time fliers. The first flight experience is so incredibly amazing that we just have to share it! It’s often the catalyst that is needed to inspire interest in Aviation, Aerospace, Marine & Defence. The opportunities are endless.

Civilian and non-civilian VIPs are on hand to meet with participants and a variety of cool aircraft and equipment is available for all to explore. Hands-on displays and fun activities are provided by industry, agency and education partners for a tactile learning experience.

The event is open to the public with no registration required to attend. However registration is required for eligible females to fly. Stay tuned to this page for more information and event updates.

We’re looking for volunteers!  Any age, any gender, any ability… Please share!


Due to the overwhelming demand for the free flights, this year we’ll be releasing the available seats in stages – every two weeks from end of December until the March event.  TAKE NOTE!!! A generous reserve of seats will be held for release on site each day of the event and raffled off hourly.  Participants may enter the raffle as many times as they like over the two-day event, but only once per hour.

The best way to get a shot at advance registration is to like/follow us on Facebook: @SkysNoLimitGirlsFlyToo and Twitter: @GirlsFLy_Too. Hint: sometimes we post first on Facebook, other times on Twitter - like/follow both for the best chance to fly! Your likes/follows helps support us to grow, and keeps you in the loop as we post updates about the event and special VIP participants. You’ll also know right away when seats have been released and can share with your friends and family!

When flight registrations are released, or if openings due to cancellations occur, the registration button will appear on this page. This is also where you'll find event updates in the coming weeks.



  • When using the online registration system, please ensure only one time slot is listed in the order summary on the top of the registration page before proceeding.
  • Please fill out all fields - starting with the person making the booking, followed by the details for each registered female first-time flier.
  • While females of any age are invited to fly, please do not book your infant or very young child (or ward) to fly by herself!!! Please see below for guidance on chaperones.

Registration is not required for general participation! The event is completely free for everyone and families are welcome - including the guys! Everyone is encouraged to be a part of this free outreach event to inspire female future leaders in Aviation, Aerospace, Marine & Defence. There will be awesome activities and displays suitable for all ages.

  • By completing the registration form, either in advance or on-site, you authorize the Sky's No Limit - Girls Fly Too! to publish photos or videos of you taken at the event.
  • Personal information you provide as part of the registration process is confidential and is NOT published or shared with outside agencies without your permission.
  • The event schedule may change and flights may be cancelled without notice.
  • Advance (or on-site) registration is ONLY required for the free flights. Free flights are available for females of any age – yes, that literally means infants to grandmothers - who have not flown in a small aircraft before. We encourage moms to fly with their daughters. Don’t worry, if you’ve previously flown on a large jet you’re still eligible to fly as this is a completely different and thrilling experience.
  • FROM INFANTS TO GRANDMOTHERS! Females of any age may register to fly - however we reserve the right to require a female chaperone to accompany those that we feel require assistance. Our volunteers, if asked nicely will often agree to fly with a minor(or elder) if a female chaperone is not available to you.
  • We make every effort to accommodate those with mobility or other restrictions, provided we can do so safely. Please use the contact us form if you or your ward require special assistance and we will do our best to assist you.
  • If you already have a confirmed registration, please check-in at the event a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your booked time.
  • Government-issued ID may be required - please bring it with you.
  • All passengers are required to present a signed waiver/consent form before flight - no exceptions. Waiver/consent forms for passengers under the age of 19 must be signed by their legal guardian. Forms may be downloaded in advance from the link below, and forms will also be available at the event. Please do not send forms in advance - they must be presented in person.

Participation 2017 GF2 Event Poster 2017 GF2 Guardian Consent & Flight Waiver 2017 Summary Report 2016

What to expect - 2017 event | GF2 Event Poster 2017 | GF2 Flight Waiver/Consent | Summary Report 2016 event

Check back often as we update this page regularly!

Looking for the magic Register to Fly! button? It's gone for now but DON'T DESPAIR! If you scrolled down the page looking for the registration button you may have missed out on some important information on how we're conducting the free flight registrations this year! Please scroll back up and read the bit about "Important Notes: Advance and On-Site Flight Registration". Don't forget to admire the sponsors on the way by! Your likes/follows/sharing on social media helps keep you informed first of any new developments, and helps us attract more volunteers, participants and the AWESOME agency, industry and community partners that keep this event completely FREE for you to enjoy!

THANK YOU! for your interest in our EPIC annual events!