Get ready... this epic event will inspire & amaze you!

EVENT HIGHLIGHT!!!! FREE flights for female first-time fliers!!! Hourly raffles at the event!


EVENT UPDATE!!! Meet the VERY COOL men and women from 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron! SAR techs skydive out of CC-15 Buffalo aircraft and depart by hoist from CH-149 Cormorant helicopters to rescue those in distress! On standby 24/7, these highly trained crews are ready to spring into action on a moment's notice to save lives. Meet the pilots, SAR techs and maintenance crews!

442 Sqadron Comox BC

EVENT UPDATE!!! Meet the AWESOME men and women from the US Navy - NAS Whidbey Island! They save lives in their really AMAZING Sikorsky MH-60 helicopter! On standby 24/7 these crews are a vital asset to safety in the Pacific Northwest. Meet the pilots & SAR techs and find out about Search & Rescue!

USN Widbey Island

Join us Sat/Sun March 12-13, 2016
09:00 - 5:30
at the Abbotsford International Airport

The free flights for female first-time fliers are a popular highlight at our annual events! We've found though, that often people are so excited by the prospect of the free flights they don't realize the extent of the many other cool things available to discover. Because of this, we decided to split the registration process into two phases this year - advance registration and on-site hourly raffles.

At this time the advance registration phase has been completed, and we are preparing for phase two. At the event there will be a clearly marked check-in area where those already registered must present themselves for processing a minimum of 30 minutes prior to flight.

Those who would like to enter the hourly raffle may proceed to the same general area and look for the raffle signs. Those eligible may enter multiple times during the day or even over both days, but only once per hourly draw.

For those of you who missed the first phase of registration or have just learned of our event, rest assured that by simply showing up you will not only have a completely amazing time, you may just get that free first flight experience after all!


Registration is not required for general participation! The event is completely free for everyone and families are welcome - including the guys! Everyone is encouraged to be a part of this free outreach event to inspire female future leaders in Aviation, Aerospace, Marine & Defence. There will be awesome activities and displays suitable for all ages.

  • By completing the registration form, either in advance or on-site, you authorize the Sky's No Limit - Girls Fly Too! to publish photos or videos of you taken at the event.
  • Personal information you provide as part of the registration process is confidential and is NOT published or shared with outside agencies without your permission.
  • The event schedule may change and flights may be cancelled without notice.
  • Advance or on-site registration for the FREE discovery flights is for females only who have not flown in a small aircraft before (previous airline experience is OK).
  • FROM INFANTS TO GRANDMOTHERS! Females of any age may register to fly - however we reserve the right to require a female chaperone to accompany those that we feel require assistance. Our volunteers, if asked nicely will often agree to fly with a minor if a female chaperone is not available to you.
  • We make every effort to accommodate those with mobility or other restrictions, provided we can do so safely. Please use the contact us form if you or your ward require special assistance and we will do our best to assist you.
  • If you already have a confirmed registration, please check-in at the event a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your booked time.
  • Government-issued ID may be required - please bring it with you.
  • All passengers are required to present a signed waiver/consent form before flight - no exceptions. Waiver/consent forms for passengers under the age of 19 must be signed by their legal guardian. Forms may be downloaded in advance from the link below, and forms will also be available at the event. Please do not send forms in advance - they must be presented in person.

poster waiver airport

Event Poster | Waiver/Consent| Event Layout