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February 28, 2016International Space Duo Beams Into Abbotsford Airport

NASA Astronaut and CSA Space Engineer to Inspire Female Future Leaders at Aviation, Aerospace, Marine & Defence Event

NASA Astronaut (Ret.) Wendy Lawrence and CSA Space Engineer Isabelle Tremblay team up to inspire thousands at the world’s largest event to address gender and cultural diversity in Aviation, Aerospace, Marine and Defence.

The free event in honour of the Week of International Women’s Day takes place at the Abbotsford International Airport March 12-13, 2016. Over 15,000 participants from around BC and beyond are expected at the family-friendly event. Several remote school districts such as Prince Rupert, Clinton, Lillooett and Comox are among those sending students to meet role models like Lawrence and Tremblay.

In addition to conquering the ultimate frontier (space) Lawrence is also a retired US Navy Captain and helicopter pilot. Her helicopter experience includes hundreds of shipboard landings, helicopter combat support and anti-submarine squadron operations. Lawrence is the first female graduate of the US Naval Academy to fly into space, and has flown four space missions including a visit to the Russian Space Station MIR. Lawrence is also an engineer with a Masters of Science in Ocean Engineering.