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Diversity Outreach Event To Require Vaccination For Entry

Vancouver, BC - August 26, 2021 – To protect the health and safety of our participants and their home communities, and in solidarity with the B.C. Government’s recently announced vaccine passport plans, The Sky’s No Limit – Girls Fly Too! is voluntarily implementing a “fully vaccinated policy” for entry to our diversity outreach event Oct. 2-3.

All event participants aged 12 and up, display partners and volunteers will be required to show proof of being fully vaccinated to gain entry to our free event – without exception. We encourage those that are partially vaccinated, to get their second shot without delay, to be eligible to attend.

Additionally, masks will be required in all spaces deemed to be “indoors”, including tents with one or more walls; aircraft, vessels and equipment available for hands-on interaction; and on board the helicopters providing free flights for female first-time fliers (any age). Additional information as to documentation required and other details will be added to our website once the B.C. Government’s new vaccine card becomes available.

pilot with mask

The Sky’s No Limit – Girls Fly Too! is not an air show and the event is not just for “girls”. In fact, it’s the world’s largest gender diversity outreach event of its kind in Aviation, Aerospace, Marine and Defence. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender or citizenship and no registration is required to participate. The event is completely free to ensure there are no barriers to participation, thanks to the generous support of agency, industry, education, and other community partners.

This Canadian signature annual event showcases an unprecedented international partnership between Canada and the United States towards the improvement of gender and cultural diversity in high-tech STEM fields. The Canadian and U.S. Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Municipal Police Forces, local and international Search and Rescue Organizations, first responders, civilian companies, educational Institutions, the United States and Canadian Armed Forces are all invited to participate and showcase the various aspects of Aviation, Aerospace, Marine and Defence. The combined represented assets of these agencies totaled over a billion dollars in 2019.

The event is organized by the Achieve Anything Foundation - a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization with a mission to inspire female future leaders from shop floor to top floor in high-tech STEM fields using a hands-on approach. The Foundation also offers incredible hands-on experience events in the native environments of agency and industry partners under a program called Operation: This IS You! For more information please visit: